Traditional Garden Holywood

Client Brief

The client wanted an Italianate themed garden to match a recently completed build set on a breathtaking elevated coastal site with panoramic views of the sea designed by Des Ewing and constructed by Michael Galloway.

traditional-garden-holywood2 Design Belfast

Our Design

We responded with a design that complimented the overall grandeur of the project.  In the sheltered courtyard simple lines in the form of granite cobbled edge and paving. By adding box hedging to frame scaled mature topiary trees and shrubs the building began to shine, as the Italian inspired architecture got Italian inspired planting. Within this framework we added delicate soft hued perennials and white roses.

The front garden had minimal planting and a recommended infinity lawn to maintain views to the sea.

This garden illustrated the importance of working with the site, with the exposure to the sea on the one hand and the sheltered courtyard on the other. The challenge was to make a garden that celebrated its unique breathtaking setting but at the same time added the right level of refined planting to place the architectural style of the building.

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