Garden Consultant

We offer a consultancy service. In short it offers access to our experience, skills and knowledge in a flexible way.

Be it general advice, problem solving, layout considerations or maintenance concerns we can work with you to find a solution.

It can be a good option for people who like DIY or who want to problem solve around a particular issue.

This service chargeable at an hourly rate to be agreed with client.

Some examples we have worked on include but not limited to:

  • General garden advice (garden health, problem areas,etc)
  • Garden features such as shelters, water features, arches etc.
  • Making a garden more appealing to potential buyers
  • Recommending changes for a low maintenance garden
  • Layout dimensions for a new build garden
  • Planning applications
  • Recommendations for refurbishment of outdated hard & soft garden elements
  • Event features: lighting, reconfiguring garden, screening, etc.
  • Boundary concerns, privacy solutions, hedge, trees, fencing, etc.
  • Planting advice for style matching, problem areas or specific function
Consultancy Solutions
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